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Branded Exhibition Bags

Presentations always require that you portray yourself as a professional. Items such as branded exhibition bags will help your target audience take you seriously. What is more, you can hand this merchandise to deserving clients who will use them in the presence of potential customers.

Whether you use the branded exhibition bags you order from us for your own marketing purposes or you request them for customers, you have plenty of options. For instance, some bags have shoulder straps, and most have multiple zippered, snapped or slot pockets, and organisation compartments. Each one has room for projectors, laptops, pencils and pens, mobile phones, notepads, and more. Materials used to make them include both woven and non-woven fabrics or plastic.


Custom Exhibition Bags from Probos Promotions Ltd

Teachers, motivational speakers, sales persons, project managers and others in leadership positions use custom exhibition bags. Places where they are most often used, include offices, lecture halls, conference rooms and demonstration booths. Wherever your personalised exhibition bags are found, they will be seen by people coming and going. 

To make the best impression on your customers, we provide direct printing, engravement and embroidery services when designing your bags. We can use your current logo colours. Otherwise, we can help you create new combinations of text and graphics for first-time product or service releases. 

One of the advantages of using custom exhibition bags is that these promotional items will be used repeatedly instead of immediately being thrown into the recycling bin. For this reason, each bag you distribute will provide you much more exposure than fliers, postcards, or newsletters.

If you are not sure exactly what bags would best suit your marketing objectives, we can help you make that decision. In the process, we also can help you decide on how broad and narrow your marketing niche should be. For instance, you might want to have different merchandise for each product or service you want to promote. You also perhaps want to plan a campaign that encompasses your entire company vision. 

You can order one style of branded exhibition bags, or you can request multiple types. It’s entirely up to you. If you have questions about what bags are currently in stock, please contact us. Otherwise, you can order online any time when you are ready.


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