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Personalised Hand Sanitisers

Keeping clean and germ free is a concern that people of all ages have. For instance, parents want to wash their childrenā€™s hands after having eaten outdoors. Therefore, they would appreciate branded hand sanitiser bottles and sanitising wipes.

Places where branded hand sanitisers might be used include at picnics, park pavilions, grocery stores or job sites. This cleansing product also might be stored in a backpack for use while rock climbing, camping or hiking. Children might also use sanitisers at school, in the classroom or in the lunch room.

Printed Hand Sanitisers

When you browse our collection of hand sanitisers used for marketing purposes, you will notice quite a variety. For instance, we often sell pocket-sized, pen-shaped or mini hand sanitisers, and they typically come in sprays, wipes or gels. Please ask us if you have questions about current availability. You can also request as many combinations of these items as you would like. We always are ready to prepare you with the right supply of hand sanitisers for all your marketing launches.

Before we send you your promotional hand sanitisers, however, we will customise them for you. If you have a current logo design you want us to use on them, please upload it to us when you order. Otherwise, we can communicate with you to create a new design to use for your first-time product or service launches. When personalising your merchandise, we will use any one of the printing or engraving services that would most suit your company.

If you wonder how well marketing with promotional hand sanitiser works would work, think of how many people would use them. For instance, hundreds of people often attend outdoor gatherings where sanitising products are used. Even at private parties where large crowds will mingle will notice your brand printed on all your marketing merchandise. What is more, each sanitiser product you hand out has the potential to provide you with recurring advertising opportunities.

Please contact us if you have any more questions about how to market your company with branded hand sanitisers. Otherwise, feel free to place your first online order now.


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