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Printed Masseurs

If you run a department store or own a beauty salon, you might need some new client promotion ideas. We provide printed masseurs for use with establishing your health spa in your community and surrounding areas. 

Another option for you is to use your promotional masseurs as an online purchase incentive to offer customers who shop on the Internet. In addition, you could distribute them at trade shows, private demos or other places where crowds of potential clients would be present.

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Branded Masseurs from Probos Promotions Ltd

One of the advantages of marketing with branded masseurs is that we can include just about any information on them you want. For instance, we typically include a logo and slogan or perhaps a phone number, address or website on them. They are like business cards, but they last longer when exposed to water and other elements.

The durability of personalised masseurs is what gives you more chances to increase brand retention than when passing out paper ads. The reason why is the masseurs are typically kept for years while fliers are usually thrown in the recycling bin after a few days. When you distribute enough of them, you could eventually make your brand a household name throughout the world. 

The more printed masseurs you pass out, it will increase your chance of expanding your customer territory. We also can help you boost sales by using the right combination of our direct printing and engravement services when personalising each item. When applying the right tools and techniques, we will turn your merchandise into items that represent the company persona you want to portray.

Take a few moments to browse our selection of masseurs you can use for marketing purposes. For instance, we often carry wooden or plastic massagers with three to five legs. Otherwise, your clients might appreciate the rolling masseurs. Items are pending availability, so please ask us if you need to know which ones are still in stock. 

You can also contact us if you have questions about any other promotional products and services we have. Otherwise, feel free to place your order online and upload any design ideas you would like incorporated into the production of your branded masseurs.

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