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Printed Moneyboxes

Everyone is looking for creative ways to save money, especially when teaching the value of a pound to children. For instance, families often provide their little ones with a branded moneybox where they can collect change.

Your target audience can enjoy promotional moneyboxes of varying sizes and shapes. For instance, you will find pigs, houses, blocks, cylinders and other vessels in our catalogue that are ideal for coin storage. Browse now to see which of these items are available, or see if we have any mini-safes in stock. All the branded moneyboxes that you see in our collection are easily customised for commercial use.

Promotional Moneyboxes from Probos Promotions

If you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts, we encourage you to request a variety of branded money boxes. This will help you prepare for reaching family niche audiences including children of all ages. When you have enough promotional merchandise on hand at all times, it will help you expand your customer base beyond what you ever imagined.

If you distribute enough of your promotional moneyboxes, you will eventually reach every location in the world. You will have to plan the designs of them carefully, however. We recommend that you use your current logo marketing graphics, fonts and colours. Otherwise, you might have times when your first-time marketing campaigns require the creation of a new marketing design scheme.

Your completed branded money boxes will be an extension of your current advertisements. They will provide you with up to several years of exposure that can make your brand sail past the competition. Use them in addition to your paper marketing literature and postcards, or use them as a standalone advertising item. Customers also would appreciate receiving this kind of promotional merchandise as a free trial or purchase incentive when they make online purchases.

We are available any time you need more answers about how to plan your promotional merchandise campaigns. Contact us any time if you want to confirm availability of items in our stock or if you have questions about which items would best represent your company’s name, product or services. Otherwise, feel free to place your first order now.


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