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Branded Pen Boxes

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the marketing items that most often impress your target audience. Just about any industry can increase brand awareness with a promotional pen box. Get ready to reach more people than you ever imagined when you distribute enough of these to your target audience. 

Each pen box makes a unique statement. For instance, some are colourful and would be perfect for offering to school children. Others are more sophisticated and ideal for executive use. Styles of available pen boxes frequently made available to our customers include cushioned cases and sleeves. We also provide some zipper pouches or slim tube-style pen cases with round or angled edges. In addition, we also provide a few choices of both hinged and two-piece closures.


Personalised Pen Boxes from Probos Promotions

The pens you would place in them coordinate with the box colours you choose. For instance, we provide direct printing that usually includes a logo, slogan or other text and graphics. In the process, we make sure they match your current marketing literature designs. We also are happy to assist you with any new advertisement design schemes you would like to incorporate for first-time product or service launches.

In any case, your promotional pen boxes will make an excellent complement to any other combination of offline and online ad media you use. Moreover, the reusable merchandise you distribute will provide you with exponential advertising exposure that has the potential to last for several years. Therefore, we encourage you to order as many pens as possible to help you increase your customer base.

When you send pens to enough locations, it provides you unlimited opportunities for increasing brand awareness. We could even help you establish a corporate presence throughout the globe in addition to your current location. All you need to do is to decide how many pieces of your branded merchandise you think would most effectively make your brand known to enough potential customers. Then, after you receive your supply, you can offer them as gifts or even as awards.

If you have more questions about how to market with branded pen boxes as well as the pens that you would place in them, please contact us. Otherwise, we encourage you to place your first online order today. 


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