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Promotional Screen Cleaners

Sometimes, the promotional gifts most often appreciated are the practical ones. An item your target audience might make use of on a regular basis is a branded screen cleaner. This, along with corresponding supplies, might be the best way to reach your ideal market demographic.

We offer a variety of LCD and smartphone products ideal for offline mobile marketing purposes. For instance, we often provide sticky screen cleaners that attach to the back of mobile devices for easy storage. In addition, you might find a selection of keyring or stylus LCD cleaners that also conveniently attach to a phone. Each one of the items we offer in our catalogue can be easily turned into branded screen cleaners.

Printed Screen Cleaners for Current and Prospective Clients

To personalise your promotional screen cleaners, we offer you a variety of direct printing or engravement services. Each one can be customised into the colours that would best represent your company name, logo and reputation. We also will carefully choose the lettering for any message, slogan or tagline you want to include on your marketing merchandise.

One of the benefits of offering a branded screen cleaner to everyone in your niche audience is the longevity of them. Each item has the potential to last for years, which provides you with endless chances to make your brand, products, and services known to your ideal target market. Unlike paper fliers or postcards, your promotional screen cleaners are used repeatedly instead of thrown in the recycling bin.

Another advantage of using screen cleaning items for your advertisement purposes is the ease of portability. People always can carry them on their trips, so this increases the chance that the branded screen cleaners you present to your potential clients will be seen by many other potential consumers. These smartphone cleaning supplies can also be conveniently carried to and from work, school, on a bus or train, or just about anywhere.

If you have questions about how even just one branded screen cleaner supply can enhance your marketing efforts, contact us. We also provide information about available products and order quantities, so do not be afraid to ask us any questions you have about our merchandise. Otherwise, if you are ready to order, please upload to us any design ideas you have.


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