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Personalised Stationery Sets

Some of the most effective forms of advertising are promotional items that people find useful. For instance, you can impress business-minded clients with a personalised stationery set.

Items included in the personalised stationery sets you order from us include pencils, pens, sharpeners, rulers and erasers. Some stationery sets are stored in a folder, pouch or box, but others are safely tucked into a pencil bag. We also provide items such as squares and protractors you could add to your stationery sets.

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Printed Stationery Sets

To personalise your printed stationery sets, we provide a variety of direct printing and engravement options. You can have us stamp your logo, slogan or other text and graphics on each piece. In addition, we can provide fresh designs for any new product or service advertising campaign you plan to launch. If you have sample artwork you want us to use in your project, we would like to see it. Simply upload an image of your art to us when you order promotional items from us.

One of the benefits of using printed stationery sets is that the items are used where people are present. For instance, people use these office supplies whether they run a home business or they work for a world-renowned corporation. Artistic persons might also use your branded merchandise when on location somewhere when drawing or painting.

An additional reason you will want to use branded stationery sets is that they offer you years of repeat advertising. In fact, your potential customers will notice this form of reusable advertisement for longer periods than when you distribute paper ads.

Places, where you might distribute your branded stationery sets, include business and career fairs, corporate and public trade shows, and private or public social gatherings. You also might use them on the premises of your own commercial establishments. Wherever you place these items, they will be seen by your target audience and even be passed from them on to other potential customers.

We can help you with every aspect of marketing with branded stationery sets. Please contact us if you have questions. Otherwise, feel free to order online from us right now.


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