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The Print Paradox

Maybe you’ve seen yourself frantically scrambling around at the last minute to find a solution as late deliveries threaten to ruin all your preparation and hard work. The event you had planned is now looking a bit light as you have nothing to give to your customers that you have worked dutifully to cultivate over the years.

You’ve probably experienced that shudder of disappointment as the promotional goods you have received look different to the proof you signed off at the initial stages.

It seems that a majority of us in the events and promotional industry have been left banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall at some point thanks to promotional gifts not being up to scratch, delivered late or being binned after a few uses.

Vicious Cycle Of

Endless Calls

Broken Promises

Missed Deadlines

Sub-par Products

And therein lies the big problem within the promotional products industry – when your brand is unintentionally placed into the wrong hands, sub-standard products and poor execution will surely follow.

The majority of players are just companies that have little experience with promotional merchandise products, sourcing or the brand expertise that you need. They are just focused on placing your logo quickly onto anything available to them. They think this poorly executed strategy will bring your brand to life instantly, but in reality it’s like a marketing band aid that will soon get wet and fall off before you even know it .

This is made worse by the fact that the rest are nothing more than one man bands and middle men with no other interest than making quick money. Which means you get poorly produced products with a long lead time although you were most likely promised the exact opposite.

This results in thousands of pounds wiped off promotional and marketing budgets everywhere, leaving nearly every marketing and events department getting caught with their tail between their legs because they have been over-promised and under-delivered.

This goes to show you must do something different to really make your brand stand out from the crowd and get the impact it deserves.

This is why you must consider that there is a new way for you, but a tried and tested way for us.


This is all about you understanding exactly who is going to be at your event or receiving your promotional goods. There is a right way and a wrong way to identify your customer and prospects and this means when you are going through this process you need to understand exactly what is going to work and make sure the provider that you are using is going to walk you through that.


This is about you choosing which promotional products are going to best infiltrate your target market. When we say infiltrate, it means that you are giving your customers promotional gifts that are going to hang around not just for weeks and months, but for many years so that your brand gets recognised time and time again and sings for every single pound you invest in your promotional merchandise. The most important thing that you can do here is to get a sample from us to make sure that you are happy with the quality and feel of the product so that you can be guaranteed that it’s going to do what has been promised – meaning that when this goes to production you can be sure that it is going to be produced in exactly the right way


You need to make sure that any promotional goods you receive have got your brand displayed in 100% the best way so that your customer can see your message over and over again – so that ultimately you get the best brand recognition from your promotional products over the long term.   

You can make the Probos Promotions BRAND ELEVATOR do the work for you right now! 

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