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Branded Plastic Pens

Sometimes, all you need is an economical reusable item to use for advertising. For instance, branded plastic pens are popular. This type of merchandise is useful just about anywhere including school, home and work. 

Since almost anyone who can write finds promotional pens useful, this gives you opportunities to reach multiple market niches. For instance, you could send personalised pens that are designed to impress children in relaxed educational settings. At the same time, you could use these writing tools to make an impact on high-profile executives.


Promotional Plastic Pens

To maximise your potential to reach target niches, we offer you a variety of customisation services. For instance, we offer branded plastic pens in red, black, blue or green colours. You also can choose the kind of font, graphics or images you want displayed on your pen barrels. We will add for you as little or as much information as we can fit on each piece to aid you with customer retention. 

If you have an idea of how you want your promotional pens to look, please upload a copy of your design. Otherwise, we can assist you with creating the perfect branding logo per what matches with your existing colour schemes. We also provide help with new product launch advertisement designs. 

Throughout the process of choosing the right branded pens and personalising them, we value your input. After all, it is your company reputation you need to protect. We will help you develop a corporate persona that you would be proud to display to your marketing audience using your personalised pens. 

One of the reasons advertisers enjoy using promotional pens is because they last a long time. Therefore, each pen will repeatedly make your brand known throughout every location they are distributed. What is more, crowds of people arrive and depart to and from the places where your pens will be offered. These writing tools give you recurring exposure in a way that paper ads cannot. 

Whether you still use other forms of physical advertising or not, your branded pens are likely to make your clientele remember you. Please contact us for more information or place your first order today.


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