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Printed Swiss Army Knives

Practical rather than frivolous items such as printed Swiss Army Knives are the kind of merchandise that often impress an ideal market audience. For instance, you might be a company that caters to a clientele that takes frequent hiking trips. Otherwise, you perhaps want to give your personalised knives to people for home or work use.

Of course, army knives do not always have a company name printed on them. However, having your brand stamped on your supply of knives will boost all your promotional campaigns. That is, most of these knives are built with functional tools that increase the likelihood of frequent use. For instance, many of them have personalised Swiss army knives that we offer have features such as a cork screw, tweezers, toothpick, scissors and wire stripper. These multi-purpose devices also frequently have pliers, files, bottle openers, and screwdrivers used not only outdoors but indoors.


Personalised Swiss Army Knives

Every model of Swiss Army Knives you see in our catalogue is easily customisable for all marketing purposes. For instance, we offer knives in blue, red, black or silver. You also can choose a background colour that best coordinates with your business logo colours. Otherwise, we can help you create new designs for upcoming marketing launches. We also provide a variety of engravement or direct printing and letter styling services.

Aside from use on hiking trips, your printed Swiss army knives often are necessary for emergency use in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. They also might be an item that a maintenance person has on hand when making repairs at commercial building sites or when performing fixes in apartment complexes. 

By the way, another niche audience you could reach using your printed army knives includes artists. Many creative people use knives and other tools when carving faces, nature or patterns into wood, stone, metal or other materials. 

Where ever your personalised Swiss army knives are distributed, they will provide you with years of brand awareness power. If you have any questions about how using this form of promotional merchandise works, please contact us. Otherwise, order your first supply of reusable promotional merchandise today.


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