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Personalised Cases

A little bit of elegance often is all you need to impress your target audience. You might be able to impress your potential customers with personalised cases. We offer you a variety of wallets, cases and sleeves to distribute for a variety of purposes.

The personalised cases you see in our inventory are built for specific purposes. For instance, some of them are made to hold money and credit cards in a pocket. Others are designed for carrying earbuds, glasses, kitchen utensils or other supplies. Items in each case we sell are held in place in a variety of ways including by way of pockets, sleeves, pouches or loops.

Printed Cases from Probos Promotions Ltd

We can customise one or more of the branded cases you see in our catalogue using the text and graphics that most represent your company’s mission statement. When personalising your items, we will use one of a variety of direct printing or engraving techniques. In the process, we will position your name in just the place where it will be most noticed by your target market.

Branded cases are an excellent means of advertising for many reasons. One of the most important benefits is their longevity. Since each item is built to last indefinitely, every piece can provide you with years of recurring marketing exposure. Branded cases are kept for long periods rather than immediately thrown away like people often do with paper fliers, postcards and other disposable ads.

Another reason that branded cases are appreciated, is their portability. They are easy to transport, distribute and carry anywhere and are compact enough to store during travel. The convenience involved in moving these promotional items from one place to another is what adds to the marketability of them. When you offer enough of this merchandise to multiple locations, it will help you expand your customer base. You could even send your brand all around the globe.

Let us teach you how to use your branded cases to your advantage. Contact us if you have any questions about these items or any other promotional merchandise in our catalogue. Otherwise, feel free to place your online order today.

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