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Personalised Clipboards

Being a leader requires organisation and the ability to delegate. Oftentimes, this entails creating paper lists of tasks you need to complete. We offer personalised clipboards to use in commercial, educational and customer service environments for holding these task lists.

One advantage of using personalised clipboards is that they are easily customisable. For instance, we can personalise this merchandise with your current logo. We also could help you incorporate any design ideas you have for promoting new product or service launches. Whether you are a company whose brand is already established or want to increase awareness of your business, we can help.

Branded Clipboards

We offer direct printing, engravement and embroidery services to make your branded clipboards your own. The same is true of any corresponding merchandise including notebooks or pad holders and other school or office supply items. To maximise your marketing efforts, we recommend that you request a variety of branded office supplies in addition to personalised clipboards. Having a variety of promotional merchandise is what will provide you with the most advertising opportunities.

One advantage of marketing with branded clipboards is all the places where they are relevant. For instance, you see them at the intake counter when requesting services from a hospital or doctor’s office. They also are found at local grocery stores, in executive conference rooms, and at workshop registration desks. In addition, you probably see them in libraries or schools.

All the places where your promotional clipboards are placed is where large numbers of people are typically present. This is how you can exponentially increase brand awareness and expand your customer base. What is more, each clipboard we customise for you is durable enough to provide you with years of advertising opportunities. Furthermore, your brand is likely to be noticed more often than when promoting with paper literature that is thrown away within a few days.

If you distribute enough of your branded clipboards, your business could become known throughout the world. Please contact us if you need help with your marketing designs or if you have questions about our products and services. You also are welcome to order online anytime and upload design ideas you would like us to use on your merchandise.

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