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Printed Glasses

The best advertising merchandise usually offers both attractiveness and functionality. For instance, you could use branded glasses to promote your company. If you distribute enough of these, you could eventually make your products and services known throughout the world. 

We offer a multitude of drinking glass models to use for promotional purposes. Some of them are set around a formal table at banquets or in fine restaurants, while others might be seen in a café or a pub. We also provide them for use with reaching individual consumers who often used branded glasses at home. Styles of drinking glasses include half-pint, tall, flute or cocktail glasses pending availability. You also might notice martini glasses perfect for happy hour.

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Personalised Glasses for Your Business

Feel free to browse our stock to find out what other options we have available. For instance, some promotional glasses come with handles or a base. Otherwise, they are built for easy gripping while sipping either a hot or cold drink depending on the style of glass used. Each one has plenty of space for personalisation, too. 

We offer a range of customisation services. For instance, we provide engraving or printing services of logos, slogans or other business information you want on your branded glasses. You also can personalise your promotional glasses. For instance, you can request that we add special messages, initials, names, dates and other commemorative information that relates to your target audience.

No matter what kind of message you would like placed on your branded glasses, it will increase awareness of your company, products and service. This typically is because this popular item is seen where people typically gather. Even if ordered for home use, the brand printed on your glasses will be noticed by everyone who visits. 

At the same time, this customised merchandise could provide a way for you to show appreciation to your potential customers. Likewise, glasses would make excellent employee gifts for times when they deserve a little bit of recognition. 

Whether for everyday use or for commemoration purposes, your branded glasses will offer you years of recurring advertisement. If you have any questions about using this kind of reusable merchandise, please let me know.

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