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Printed Laser Pointers

Keeping up with technology is not always easy. However, that often is one of the only ways you can attract potential buyers within electronics, educational or computer niches. We welcome you to browse our catalogue of laser pointers you can use for branding purposes. 

We offer a range of wireless branded laser pointers. Some of them come complete with remote control, page presenter, slide changer, stylus, pen and other features. You also will find some pen-sized models that fit easily into your supply cases for easy transport from place to place. We can make them with your logo and slogan or any combinations of text or graphics you desire to have printed or engraved on them. 

Branded Laser Pointers from Probos Promotions Ltd

You can use your branded laser pointers for your own presentations during which your potential customers might be present. Otherwise, you can distribute them to educators, IT persons or lecturers who will use them where people are. For instance, they would be used in classrooms and conference rooms or production areas and break rooms. Just about anywhere that staff would watch productions, your laser pointers would be used. 

In addition to use in public places, branded laser pointers might be used in private homes. They also might be used at special celebrations. For instance, people might host baby showers and anniversary parties during which memories are played using the presenter function. 

Because of all the places where your branded laser pointers would be used, they present you with endless promotional opportunities. What is more, these controllers are made to last for as long as possible. Unlike paper ads that are often immediately recycled, you could reach customers with one supply of laser pointers for several years. In the end, you could lower your advertising budget using these durable items instead of the throwaway fliers and post cards you might currently use. 

Of course, you can also incorporate the branded laser pointers in addition to any paper ads you distribute. After all, it is in the use of more than one type of marketing media that usually increases customer retention. 

We offer a range of direct printing and engravement options for personalisation of your branded pointers. Contact us with questions about our services. Otherwise, feel free to upload your design ideas to us when you place your online order.

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