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Branded Lighters

If your company reaches out to a specific niche audience, you might need to think of creative new ways to impact them. For instance, you perhaps might own a business that would benefit from distributing branded lighters. 

Pub owners, restaurants, hotels or sporting goods shops are all examples of companies that could offer promotional lighters. In doing so, each unit can be customised with whatever design is best for your company. For instance, you could provide us with an image or graphics that matches your current logo colours. Otherwise, we could help you devise a new marketing strategy using an alternative design for your limited-time or seasonal offers.

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Personalised Lighters for Your Business

From standard Bic to reusable and digital, we provide a variety of types of lighters for you. We even have lighters with a long wand that are ideal for lighting barbeque grilles. Others have special companion features such as a bottle opener, and most come with a safety mechanism. 

Each one provides you with at least a few weeks on up to several years of promotional exposure. In fact, you could exponentially increase your customer base for the price of a single stack of paper fliers. At the same time, your advertising funds will last longer.

To maximise the promotional power of your branded lighters, we encourage you to browse the examples you see in our product catalogue. When you do, you will see all the different ways we can place your company name and other information onto each item. For instance, some have dark background with light colours, while others have the light background with dark colours.

If you are wondering if branded lighters are the right marketing option for you, think of where they would be used. People use them at home, while at work, or at public gatherings. Where ever they are carried, the chance that several people or even large crowds will see your logo or slogan.

If you think you could benefit from the power of advertising with promotional lighters, feel free to place your order online now. Otherwise, we are happy to answer any questions you have about how to most benefit from them. Please contact us any time for customer service.

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