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Promotional Magnets

Sometimes, simple is better than complex when planning marketing campaigns. This is especially true when you have a limited advertising budget. Printed magnets are one example of a cost-effective item that you can use to make your brand name known to your target audience.

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Nowadays, promotional magnets are produced for use in a multitude of designs. Most of them are suitable for both commercial and home use, and they often serve more than one purpose. For instance, you can order a supply of magnetic photo frames or calendar memo clip magnets. Other practical items you could pass onto your target market include magnetic shopping lists or business cards. Pens also are suitable for use at the office or in the house. 
Otherwise, ornaments, puzzles or cartoon character cutouts would be some fun methods of advertising your brand. Another idea to consider is to have magnetic bookmarks created for the passionate readers within your test market group. These printed magnets can be handed out for any public or private event, and they are especially ideal for times when children are attending. Educational organisations and other non-profit groups make use of them. Likewise, they suit the needs of for-profit businesses who are looking for more ways to make known their worthy causes. 

Promotional magnets could even be distributed as a game prize or incentive item.

Otherwise, you can simply offer them to your prospects as a way to help them retain your contact information. When ordering your printed magnetic items, you can have them customised. We make them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to coordinate with your current logo design. You also can order them in one of diverse material types. For instance, we often create printed magnets that are coated with acrylic, plastic or another protective substance. 
Say as little or as much as you want on your printed magnets. For instance, you can have your company name on them, or include your website, phone number, address, operation hours and more. Use them as a way to spread information or offer them with inspirational quotes on them. However you choose to take advantage of the power of advertising with magnets, they will increase customer retention rates.

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