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Branded Magnifying Glasses

Life is not always as it seems. For instance, your target audience might have perfect vision but still needs to read the small print on important documents or you could work with in the sciences industry and could represent your brand more appropriately.

This gives you the opportunity to market to them in a whole new way by offering them a personalised magnifying glass as a free gift or addition to a purchase already placed.

Promotional Magnifying Glasses from Probos Promotions

We offer a variety of magnifiers for promotional purposes. For instance, we often carry card shaped, square or round magnifying glasses that you can have personalised. Some of these have a cover for easy portability while travelling and for reading fine print on store product labels. Pending availability, you might also notice magnifying glasses that attach to a smartphone for easier electronic screen reading. They also aid in the ability to read tiny print found on most consumer purchase contracts.

When we make your personalised magnifying glasses, we usually stamp your logo, text, or graphics you would normally use for advertising your business. Otherwise, we can apply whatever design ideas you have for new marketing campaigns. If you have content you want used on your magnifying glasses, please upload it to us when requesting your promotional merchandise supply.

One of the advantages of using personalised magnifying glasses for your advertising campaigns is reusability. Each one of your magnifiers is built to last for years, so this provides you with endless chances to showcase your brand, products and services. When producing your promotional merchandise, we use a variety of direct printing or engraving techniques.

If you wonder whether or not personalised magnifying glasses are the best advertising media for you, think of the places where they are used. For instance, you see them in schools, libraries, homes and museums. They also might be used wherever people are relaxing on vacation. Anywhere in public or private where people read, they are found. They increase customer retention in the users and the people noticing the magnifiers from a distance.

Please contact us if you have questions about how to use personalised magnifying glasses. Otherwise, we encourage you to place your order for your promotional merchandise today.

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