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Branded Manicure Sets

When reaching out to your target audience, you increase your chances of catching their attention with related merchandise. For instance, salon owners or anyone in the fashion industry might pass out branded manicure sets to increase customer retention.

We offer a variety of promotional manicure sets in our product listings. Some collections include up to four pieces, and others contain five to seven pieces. These sets include items such as scissors, files, clippers and nail pushers or tweezers. All the tools required for grooming the face, hands and feet are included in some of the cases you see in our inventory.

Personalised Manicure Sets

Each of our manicure sets are made from one of a variety of soft or hard materials. Furthermore, each one is small enough to carry while travelling or for use anywhere including home or work. Some of them stand up vertically, but others sit horizontally on the surface they are set.

With the variety of items we have and the durability of the materials used to create them, they will last for years. For you, this means endless opportunities for repeated brand exposure you might not experience using paper fliers, post cards or business cards alone. To make the most of your promotional merchandise, however, you need to plan your product designs carefully.

We can help you with every stage of your merchandise creation. For instance, we could develop a new logo and slogan from scratch using colours you prefer. In addition, we can use any sample of your logo colours you upload to us upon requesting your supply of promotional manicure sets. Upon each item we produce for you, we also can stamp whatever slogan or information you want on your items.

When you distribute your manicure sets to enough people, you could eventually become an international brand. However, you might have some questions about how to proceed with planning your next campaign using promotional manicure sets. We are available for questions, so feel free to contact us.

If you have all the answers you need about how to obtain the marketing merchandise you need, feel free to place your first order. You can request varying quantities of multiple items with one or more designs to use in different scenarios, or you can ask us for a bulk quantity of a single item.

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