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Branded Compact Mirrors

To maximise effectiveness of your marketing efforts, we recommend that you choose promotional items that represent your niche. For instance, any fashion company would benefit from distributing branded compact mirrors.

You can have your mirrors personalised with a commercial message that your audience will remember. In the process, we can make sure the images, graphics and text on your branded mirrors matches your current marketing scheme. Otherwise, we can assist you with creating a new design for your limited-time or seasonal promotions.

Personalised Compact Mirrors

We offer plenty of varieties of folding, glamour and pocket mirrors for your market demographic’s convenience. They will be able to look their best anywhere because they can take their branded mirrors with them to any location. For instance, they are sometimes used in vehicles at rest stops or while waiting for the bus or train. Otherwise, people use them at the office cubicle or in a discreet spot while at a social gathering.

Each mirror model comes with unique features such as a matching comb attached to it or manicure tools. Some of them, when available, also have a brush or comb. They each have their unique shape as well. For instance, some are round or rectangular, and others resemble a small handbag or clutch.

Certain compact mirror styles we offer are made in an elegant silver or black tone. However, we also provide a variety of bright and dark colours such as green, orange, blue or pink – all in the exact shade of your logo background.

One of the advantages of using personalised, branded mirrors for your marketing campaigns is their longevity. Most models are likely to be classics and will stay in style and will be functional for many years. This provides you with much more advertising exposure than a single supply of paper brochures, business cards or fliers.

If you are wondering if branded mirrors are the right promotional item for your company, think of where you can distribute them. For instance, you could pass them out at fashion shows or give them to customers receiving makeovers at a retail shop.

If you have questions about how to market your company, brand products or services, please contact us. Otherwise, feel free to order your first supply of branded compact mirrors today.

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