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Personalised and Branded Stickers

Personalised stickers are a category of promotional merchandise that offers you versatility for increasing brand awareness. You can hand them out to people of all ages including children. You can also request customisation of them according to what is suitable for your latest marketing campaign.

We offer branded stickers designed in the shapes and colours that you need. In addition, we place text and graphics on your stickers in a way that will most make an impression on your target market. If you also need help designing your latest seasonal or one-off promotions, we can help you with that as well. You might wonder, however, how to use your stickers to advertise your business.

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Stickers from Merchandise Ltd

One way to use them is to place them on your merchandise. For instance, we can design stickers for placement on water bottles, laptops, phone cases or on any item you sell. In addition, many people are now sticking them to their refrigerators or on a car window for reference. In fact, this form of advertisement sometimes is preferred. After all, it is difficult to lose a sticker unlike the way a decorative magnet can fall off and be lost.

You also can hand out your personalised stickers during outdoor public events or at work functions. They also can be placed on front lobby reception counters and in other highly visible locations. You also could use them to promote primary, secondary and post-secondary educational programs.

No matter how you use them or where you distribute them, your stickers will be seen by dozens or even hundreds and thousands of people. Once you have distributed a large enough of a quantity of your branded stickers, the entire world might even know who your company is.

We encourage you to have fun with your branded, personalised stickers. For instance, we can provide as many colour and design variations as you need. Each one will be created to help you increase customer retention within diverse market niches.

If you have any questions about how to create branded sticker designs that would most impress your target audience, contact us. We offer a multitude of options to help you launch your next marketing campaign.

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