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Branded Kitchen Timers

Useful kitchen equipment is often appreciated by potential customers. Therefore, you might want to try marketing to your target audience using branded kitchen timers. Some of these items might also be useful for indoor game nights, outdoor sports competitions, and private gatherings.

Wherever your branded timers would be used, they surely will be noticed. For instance, chefs and waiters will see them when preparing or serving food at a restaurant. Your printed timers could also end up being spotted at game nights, sports matches or dinner parties.

Personalised Kitchen Timers from Probos Promotions

Many of the people who notice your brand stamped onto your timers while at these events are your potential customers. After we customise your printed timers with your logo, it will help your target audience retain information about who you are.

When personalising your timers, we provide a variety of direct printing or engraving options. The method of branding used is for customising your timers depends on the type. For instance, we often have round or egg-shaped stainless and plastic ones available. You also might notice at least a few hour glass ones in our catalogue. Before production of your promotional merchandise, we will discuss with you plans to make the most of each piece's advertising space.

One of the advantages of branded kitchen timers is their durability. In fact, these gadgets will be seen repeatedly for much longer periods. They also will be noticed many more times than paper fliers that are immediately discarded. Therefore, every supply of printed timers you request from us could reward you with years of recurring advertisement.

For a more enhanced marketability, you could also mix and match the branded timers you order with other items. For instance, you maybe want to prepare chef utility packages that includes other items in our catalogue such as aprons or utensils. Otherwise, you maybe want to create an outdoors package for the adventurous ones within your target audience.

We provide endless opportunities to promote your company and products or services. If you have questions about the power of advertising with branded timers, contact us. Otherwise, we encourage you to place your order for any combination of promotional merchandise that your company needs.

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