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Personalised Toothbrush Sets

The promotional products you choose for reaching your target audience will most likely depend on the industry you represent. For instance, dentists might pass out personalised toothbrush sets to their patients, or retail stores might provide these same items to loyal customers. 

Your promotional toothbrush sets will help you ingrain your company name in the minds of your target audience no matter the purpose. For instance, we provide sets that are appropriate for either children or adults and items perfect for travel use. You also will notice that we often provide brushes in a case or ones that fold up neatly or are powered using electricity or batteries. These items are pending availability, so you might want to ask us what we still have in stock before you order.

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Branded Toothbrush Sets

Once you have decided on the models of toothbrushes you would like to use for branding purposes, we can customise them for you. We offer a range of direct printing and engravement services that help us replicate your company logo, or we can provide you a new product marketing design if you prefer. All your completed orders will match whatever mission purpose you have in mind. What is more, the design on your personalised toothbrushes can represent your whole company or individual sales offerings.

One of the reasons that personalised toothbrushes are so effective is because this item is used repeatedly. You can find them in homes and in hotel bathrooms, for instance. Some people might also use them at work on lunch breaks or on camping trips. Wherever they are used, they will attract plenty of potential customers. 

Your promotional toothbrushes will also be held for longer periods that paper fliers, post cards, newsletters or other offline ads. This means endless opportunities for each piece to provide you more exposure than paper literature discarded within a few days. 

Once you pass out enough of your branded toothbrushes, you can expand your customer territory further than you ever imagined. We can show you how if you contact us. Otherwise, we encourage you to order online right now if you are ready.

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