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Printed Waiter's Knives

Appealing to your ideal demographic requires some prudent marketing choices. You want to catch their attention, and offering them a useful item typically helps. For instance, maybe you own a restaurant and want to offer your employees high-quality, printed waiter’s knives.

A printed waiter’s knife will allow you to portray your establishment in a professional manner. Furthermore, your customised knives could be used to show appreciation for exemplary job performance. You also might want to offer your waiter’s knives to people within your secondary niche as well. For instance, perhaps aspiring chefs, wine connoisseurs and dining customers would all make use of them.

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Branded Waiter’s Knives From Probos Promotions

The more you distribute your branded waiter’s knives, this increases your chance of attracting the kind of people you want in your place of business. What is more, each of these pieces will provide you more advertising opportunities than would the same number of fliers, postcards or newsletters. That is because your printed knives will be kept for longer than a few days unlike most paper literature. 

To help you make the most of your waiter’s knives, we will use our best engraving or direct printing services when producing them. For instance, we could carve initials onto them, or we can add your company logo or text slogan to each item. Each one will be designed with your mission statement in mind no matter how large or small of a customer territory you plan to reach. 

Please take a few moments to browse our selection of promotional waiter’s knives you can use to increase brand awareness. You will notice some have a coloured handle, while others offer you a shiny metallic look. Either way, we only provide some of the exquisite designs of cutting devices that come with other features such as a corkscrew, bottle opener or knife blade. 

In addition to passing out branded waiter’s knives at your place of business, you can also present them at trade shows and career fairs. In addition, they might work well for promoting in any public relations setting or for use during festivals or other special events. 

Please contact us if you have questions about our customisation services or need to know what knives are currently in stock. Otherwise, you can order your supply of personalised waiter’s knives and related promotional merchandise right now.

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