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Customised Popper Shopper

Popper Shopper in red

Customised Popper Shopper Customised Popper Shopper
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Many people have started using their own bags whilst shopping rather than relying on the plastic carrier bags supplied by shops. This is because being able to re use your own bags is much better for the environment than constantly disposing of plastic bags.

The personalised popper shopper features a large print area perfect for your company message, this means that whenever the branded popper shopper is in use every one around will be able to see what you have to say. The bag can be folded down flat due to it's innovative design meaning that when it isn't in use owners can easily store it making it a practical choice. 

Choose from 4 different colours for your bag including blue, green, purple and red. Once you have decided which colour that is right for you, select up to 4 colour print to really make your message pop!

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